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5 Recommended Podcasts Posts For Retail Professionals

Posted on 14 January 2020

These are some of the most interesting retail podcasts we’ve come across in recent weeks. All packed with insights and inspiration from retail experts and professionals in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Get insights into customer behaviours

Listen to Julia Raymond from Rethink Retail interview of Alexander Genov who leads customer research with online shoe and clothing company Zappos .  Listen here.

E-Commerce Then and Now

Learn from Kate Klemmer Terry, who has 30 years experience in the fashion industry working in merchandising, marketing and e-commerce for brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Coach, and Tommy Hilfiger. Most recently, Kate was running Dash Group NY, a consulting firm helping fashion companies with digital strategy, with clients such as Michael Kors, Tumi, Oscar de la Renta, and J.Crew.  Listen here.


Marc Rosen, Levi’s EVP/President of Global Direct to Consumer, to discuss how the brand is keeping its customer experience fresh – in its own distinct way. Listen here.

Empowering A Retail Workforce

Here from experts about how you can build, retain and empower your retail workforce. Neil Pickering and Donna Stephenson from Kronos, help us explore what’s going on in the retail workplace and offer their insights into the some of the challenges and solutions. Listen here.

Facebook's Vision for 'Friction-Free' Retail

Behind the Numbers sits down for a conversation with Facebook's Martin Gilliard to discuss innovation at the nexus of commerce and marketing.  Listen here.


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