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Quick changes For Your Retail CV

Posted on 30 November 2017 by

Quick changes you can make today to improve your CV.

Tip 1. Layout

Be consistent with the formatting and use a simple font and uniform spacing. Layout is important and can give an overall impression of your CV, good or bad! Proofread your CV or ask a friend to proofread in order to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Tip 2: Job titles

If your job title is not ‘run-of-the-mill’, use an equivalent job title that is more easily recognised as the role that you held.  For example, Finance Administrator would become Accounts Assistant – Finance.  A clear job title will help recruiters recognise the relevant the duties you performed.

Tip 3: Company Details

Recruiters need to see the relevance. If you don’t work for a well-known company or brand, give an outline of the company beneath it's name e.g. ‘Medium sized property company servicing both residential and commercial units.’

Tip 4: Do Your Research

Spend time reading job advertisements and looking for roles that match the positions you have done in your past or a position that you would like to do. Be sure to pay special attention to the terminology used in the job description and then use this terminology in your own CV in order to capture the recruiter’s attention.

Tip 5: Achievements

Everyone has achievements! Dedicate a small section below each role to highlight your achievements in each position. If you don’t have any work achievements, then include academic, personal or sports achievements.


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